The OCHRD’s Structure


Nabhan Al-Hanshi
Executive Director:

Omani human rights activist and writer, holds an LPC LLB degree in the UK, followed by a Master’s in International Human Rights Law. He has been subjected to arrest, harassment, and imprisonment multiple times in Oman since 2011 before immigrating in December 2012. He has authored numerous literary works alongside articles in the legal and political domains. He has been living in the UK since 2014.

Salwa Mohammed

Human rights and feminist activist, joined the OCHRD in 2021 as an editor for the OCHRD’s women’s section, currently serving as the editor-in-chief and overseeing publication materials.

Ali Ahmed

Technical Support Officer

Omani human rights activist residing in the UK, responsible for communicating with Omani asylum seekers or refugees and providing necessary support related to legal guidance and counselling.

Design Team

Since 2017, the OCHRD has engaged with a group of specialists and professionals in visual design. All visual materials, including images or videos, are created by a specialized team.

Editing and Translation Team

The OCHRD works to provide all published materials in the best possible quality in both Arabic and English. The OCHRD has a specialized team for each language to review, edit, and produce final versions of materials before publication

Legal Review Team

The legal review team consists of a number of Omani legal experts. The OCHRD has been collaborating with them since 2017 to stay informed about the legal situation in Oman, providing legal consultations, and monitoring cases of freedom of opinion and expression detainees in Oman.

Information Gathering Team

A dedicated volunteer team from various regions in Oman has been diligently working since 2013 to monitor various issues and provide the OCHRD with the required information.

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