Detention of Omani Activist Saeed Jddad 

The OCHRD has learned about the summoning and detention of Omani activist Saeedd Jddad by Omani authorities for over a week, approximately since April 15, 2024. The arrest occurred due to a number of tweets posted on his private account on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Jddad is among the activists who had previously emigrated from Oman and sought asylum in the United Kingdom in 2017, following his imprisonment and repeated arrests and harassment by Omani authorities due to his previous human rights activities. Jadad returned to Oman in July 2020 following negotiations with Omani authorities.

The OCHRD calls on Omani authorities to release Sa’id Jadad and emphasises the importance of respecting freedom of opinion and expression in Oman, and refraining from arresting individuals due to their opinions.

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