Reports indicating the referral of Saeed Jddad for trial

The OCHRD has learned through its sources that the Omani security authorities have referred Saeed Jddad to trial following his previous arrest, as reported by the OCHRD, due to several posts on his personal account on the X platform. Omani authorities summoned Jddad for interrogation on April 15, 2024, in Salalah, Dhofar Governorate. He has remained in custody since that date until it was subsequently determined to prosecute him, with the initial session set for May 14, 2024. Moreover, The OCHRD learned that the security authorities permitted his family to visit him during specified hours each week.

The OCHRD also believes that Jddad will be tried based on the charges stipulated in Chapter Two (Crimes Endangering State Security from Within) of the First Section of the Second Book of the Omani Penal Code, particularly Article 108 concerning incitement of sectarian sentiments. In addition to the aforementioned charges under the same law, there are also other charges specified in the Omani Penal Code, as well as related accusations outlined in the Cybercrime Law.

Jddad was one of the activists who previously fled Oman and sought asylum in the United Kingdom in 2017, following his imprisonment and repeated arrests and harassment by Omani authorities due to his previous human rights activism. Jddad returned to Oman in July 2020 after reaching agreements with Omani authorities.

The OCHRD calls on Omani authorities to release Saeed Jddad and emphasises the necessity of respecting freedom of opinion and expression in Oman, as well as refraining from arresting individuals due to their opinions.

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